Monday, March 5, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Monday- Homemade raviolli, courtesy of Grandma. Red sauce and peas.

Tuesday- Youth Group night.  Chicken and veggie soup.

Wednesday- Soup Supper at a church.  This is a Lent tradition: we crash a soup supper at a different church as many Wednesdays as possible.  We've done it since The Munchkin was born.  It's a good chance to meet people.  And it's amusing to see the reactions of different congregations.

Thursday- Vegetarian lasagna.  I'm kinda on a lasagna kick... I'm sorry for having essentially the same thing the 4th week in a row.  It's just so good!  I can't help it. 

Friday- Mushroom and chicken risotto. 

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  1. Risotto carefully adding the broth and stirring constantly or faking it with a covered pan doing its rice thing?