Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Week Plan Wednesday

Wednesday- Pasta with Cheaters Vegetable Sauce.  It's sort of a recipe!  And I threw mine together in 20 minutes between grocery shopping and leaving for a meeting!  Dice up and saute a whole bunch of basic kicking-around-the-kitchen vegetables.  I used onion, garlic, green pepper, carrot, and celery.  When everything is cooked at least sorta, throw in some Italian seasoning and a whole bunch of V8, or a similar tomato-based vegetable juice.  Simmer until the vegetables are actually all the way cooked.  Glob in a few scoops of sour cream.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.  Serve over pasta.

Thursday- Beef and Barley Soup.

Friday- Broccoli salad with lemon dressing and Everything in the oven!  Buns.  Oven baked pork chops.  Rice.  Roasted cauliflower (lightly coat with mayonnaise and sprinkle with parmesan cheese).

Saturday- Broccoli frittata.  More buns.  Some carrots.

Sunday- Corned beef and cabbage, of course.  Mashed potatoes.

Monday- Rubens.  Sweet potatoes.  More broccoli salad, if we've got it.

Tuesday- Chicken and carrots in Thai ginger sauce.

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