Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Things to Learn and Do

I said last week that the family had sat down and come up with a list of things to learn and do during the next school year. For points of reference: The Gibbon is 4, turning 5 in January.  He taught himself to read last winter with www.starfall.com and has good comprehension, although he's still very slow.  He has also so far shown minimal interest in drawing, coloring, or writing.  The Sparrow turned 2 this summer.  She loves to listen to stories, sing, and get her hands messy.  The Baby is due in October, so I'm not sure what all I'm going to accomplish, based on temperament and what-not of the new addition.

The Gibbon
Write all the letters
Spell my name
Add numbers less than 10
Recognize numbers up to 999
Tell time 
Pop wheelies on my bike
Try to be in a circus
Do a headstand
Climb trees
Cook on the stove
Make waffles and oatmeal for breakfast
Build a rocket with Dad

The Sparrow
Mix in the kitchen
Cut with scissors
Glue things
Name 16 colors
Count 10 objects

Plan a decent garden
Set up a big-kid bedroom for The Gibbon and The Sparrow
Submit foster parent application
Work at least 2 hours a week for pay starting in January
Paint and organize the basement play space and craft room

All of us together
Read 60 classic fairy/folk tales
Memorize 10 poems

What are you learning and doing this year?

P.S. For the record, our Something New on Monday was a trip to the splash park with Daddy and Auntie A.  Good times were had by all.  Except maybe The Sparrow, who was not inclined to actually get wet above her knees, thank you very much.

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  1. H. W. Longfellow - "Day is Done" is beautiful - in case you are taking suggestions for the poems. Might be really long for Gibbon and Sparrow though.

    In the next year -
    Mage: potty training, all the letters

    Druid: she gets to just list baby milestones

    Me: perfect a macaroni and cheese from scratch recipe that both hubby and mage like (ie no artificial colors, we eat it too often for me to justify the artificial colors), 2 Saturday morning ladies retreats at church

    All: institute a bedtime routine that involves a Bible story in addition to prayer

    You have put a lot more thought into this, but I thought I'd share my less coherent plans.