Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A list of jobs

These jobs only take 10 minutes each, or maybe 15 on a bad night, so I should just get them done after the kids are in bed.

  1. Empty and reload the dishwasher.
  2. Wash the pots and pans.
  3. Clear the dining table and kitchen counter work space.
  4. Sweep the kitchen and dining room floors.
  5. Take out the compost (this is less than 10 minutes, even, except when it's 30 below!).
  6. Tidy up the living room.
  7. Put away the hats, coats, gloves, shoes, boots, backpacks, and dirty laundry that somehow clutter around each entry way of our home despite near constant reminders to all occupants of our home to be responsible for their gear.
  8. Tidy up the music room (which is also a dumping ground for outer wear.  There is so much outerwear here!)
  9. Gather up and carry misplaced and out of place things upstairs, downstairs, and to the basement.  Put them where they belong.
  10. Tidy up the play room.
  11. Sort the dirty laundry, transfer the laundry in the washer to the dryer, and start a new load in the washer.
  12. Sort, fold, and put away a load of clean laundry.
  13. Wipe down the upstairs bathroom, just really quickly.
  14. Wipe down the downstairs bathroom, just really quickly.  
  15. Organize lunches, breakfast, coffee, whatever else for the next morning so it's not so chaotic.
Given that my kids are all in bed and quiet by 8:30 at the latest, I should be able to sleep when I'm dead.

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