Monday, September 26, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

We had a big chicken dinner Sunday, so I froze the bones from the chicken for this Friday.

Monday- I bought a big pork roast for $1.68 a pound, so I'm cooking that up in the crock pot all day.  We'll do shredded pork fajitas tonight with that, an heirloom tomato from the neighbor, lots of red and yellow bell peppers, and all the usual fixings.  What's left of the pork I'll freeze for later use.

Tuesday- Youth Group night.  Potato & Parsnip soup with bread.  Maybe a salad, if I get to the grocery store again before then.

Wednesday- Bell Pepper pasta. (A possible recipe to completely ignore here.)  Maybe bread, too, although that would make 3 times in a week.

Thursday- Mushroom, dandelion, and fresh garlic omelets. 

Friday-  Chicken noodle soup with the bones from Sunday.  Bread.  Salad.

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