Sunday, November 13, 2011

Date #5- Ball Game

Play a game of HORSE.

We had to borrow a basketball and head down to the local elementary school playground.  You might also find a basketball court at a local church or community center.  The typical rules are as follows: the leader takes a shot (from anywhere, in any style, with any additional rules he cares to add).  If he makes it, the follower tries to make the same shot.  If the follower misses, she gets one letter.  If the follower makes the shot, the leader gets the ball again and takes another shot.  If the leader misses any shot, the leader and follower switch roles. Play continues until one person has all 5 letters.  For a shorter game, play PIG.  For a longer game, play HIPPOPOTAMUS.

We're really bad at basketball.  Neither one of us could land a free throw, much less a three pointer or a hook shot.  But I did try a lay up while holding the baby.  That was good times.  We both ended up laughing quite a bit.  We probably won't go again anytime soon, but it was fun for one afternoon.

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