Monday, May 14, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

I keep thinking of topics on which I should blog, and then not getting to it.  Clearly this is not a big enough priority in my life.  C'est la vie.

Monday- bread, mushroom risotto, peas, fried eggs.  I tried the covered pot risotto technique.  It didn't turn out.  It was rice with stuf in it, but not the creamy delight of risotto.  Did I do it wrong, or is it just not as effective as advertised?

Tuesday- Youth group night.  More bread, marinated cucumber salad, Santa Fe Pasta Salad (Toss your cooked, cooled pasta with already cooked or canned black beans, cumin, olive oil, diced onion, diced green pepper, minced garlic, fresh or frozen corn, chopped cilantro, salt, pepper, and a ton of fresh lime juice.  You can also add hot pepper sauce, if you like, but I'm not going to.  Taste and adjust until you feel happy.)

Wednesday- Crock pot beef roast with, you know, the vegetables that go with a beef roast.  Also maybe salad?  I've got one in the freezer.  A roast, that is, not a salad.  And it's getting to be beyond the acceptable season for roasting.

Thursday- So I need to start doing the grocery shopping on Thursday, as Thursday is the only day I have the car, and with 2 little kids, multiple stroller-based runs to the market each week are simply frustrating (out of milk and it's raining?  Well that's just too bad, isn't it?).  But that means I'll have to change the meal plan routine.  Not that this routine is working particularly well, but changing the date for menu planning means I should change around the whole weekly chore schedule.  I need structure, clearly.  Let me get back to you on that when my daughter isn't trying to eat left-under risotto from the dining room floor.

Friday- Green beans and new potatoes.  (This recipe doesn't look too bad, but I know right now I'll be using bacon instead of the salt pork.  Other modifications are probable.)

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