Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week Plan Wednesday

I apologize.  I've been doing a terrible job of posting my meal plans.  I'm getting my butt back in gear, though, 'cuz The Ninja has started a facebook page about healthy eating.  And, seriously, if I'm going to get reminders a couple times a week about other people's healthy meals, I should totally get on my menu plans and just include some recipes.

This "week," however, is a little weird.  We're going on vacation!  Auntie A is going to be here still, so nobody try and break in, but we're taking the littles and heading off on an adventure.  But!  Taking an unpaid week off from The Hubby's jobs means that we can't afford to travel and eat out every meal with all 4 of us.  So the first 4 days are normal around here, but then there's an entire Sunday through Saturday week of every meal and snack item.  *whew*

Wednesday- Ugly Asian Green Beans (toss green beans with a mix of soy sauce, crushed garlic, a little oil, and sesame seeds.  Roast until shriveled and delicious).  Brown Rice.  Slow cooker pork ribs with lime and ginger.

Thursday- Salmon patties, home made bread. Salad.

Friday- Vegetarian Lasagna.  I'm doing nicely sauteed onions, garlic, 3 colors of bell peppers, and 2 kinds of mushrooms plus a tin of tomato puree as the vegetable parts.  Plus ricotta and parmesan cheeses.  So festive!  Also, wine.  Happy day after Valentine's Day.

Saturday- Cabbage and potato soup.  Maybe bread.

We're packing along apples, pears, grapes, oranges, green peppers, cucumbers, broccoli, carrots, and celery, plus my handy travel knife.  Every meal that doesn't include a vegetable or fruit otherwise will have one or two of the above added to it.  Also veggies and fruits will serve as snacks.  The Hubby insists on junk food as a travel necessity, too, so I'm bringing home made cookies, tortilla chips & salsa, peanut M&Ms, and Sun Chips.

Sunday- Waffles with blueberries.
            - Red cabbage & vinegar coleslaw, Ham and cheese sandwiches.
            - Eating out

Monday- Bagels & cream cheese
             - Pittas with hummus and cucumbers.
             - Broccoli Salad, roasted potatoes, Pork roast.

Tuesday- Cereal with raisins
             - Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
             - Rotisserie chicken, deli salad. (Also buy eggs and cheese for later in the week.)

Wednesday- Scrambled eggs with salsa
                  - Cheese sandwiches (Grilled if we're near a toaster oven or broiler at lunch, with leftover chicken if there is any)
                  - Soup from a box (Have you seen the new anticeptically packed boxes of soup?  They're not great nutritionally, but they're as good as most restaurant meals, and they taste better than the old canned ones.)

Thursday- Master Mix muffins
               - Peanut butter and Jelly
               - Black bean quesadilla with salsa

Friday- Bagels with cream cheese
          - Bean dip with pita chips (using yesterday's leftover black beans)
          - Pasta with sauce from a jar, or eating out

Saturday- Cereal with raisins
              - Whatever is leftover from the week's groceries!

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