Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Week Plan Wednesday

Wednesday- Amazing Cauliflower Curry over Slippery Rice Noodles.  Oh, I wish I had a recipe for you.  I used the cream from a can of coconut milk in the dal I made last week, so I used just the milk and both a little curry powder and a little more Thai red curry paste to make curry with waxy red potatoes, onions, and a whole lotta cauliflower.  I topped everything with cilantro.  It was magnificent.  The Gibbon refused to even taste it until he had eaten a huge mound of noodles.  After trying a bite, however, he ate four bowls full.

Thursday- T-bone steak, sweet potatoes, and potatoes on the grill.  Coleslaw.  The steak was wonderful.  The potatoes were burned to death.  We need to work on technique, apparently.

Friday- Grandma is coming!

Saturday- Crock pot spinach, zucchini, and mushroom lasagna.  Salad?  Bread?  Either today or tomorrow I'll need to bake.

Sunday- Caramelized Vidalia onion focaccia.  Salad with lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers.  Maybe more Vidalia onions in the salad.  That sounds yummy.  Guess what was on sale this week?

Monday- Turkey meatballs.  Pasta with broccoli cream pesto.  Loosely based on this recipe.  A raw vegetable, depending on what's still in the fridge.

Tuesday- Chicken with Cauliflower and Olives, based on this recipe.  Also roasted potatoes, which makes it totally not a "Paleo" meal.  But I like potatoes, so there.

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