Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week Plan Wednesday

Another bonus week!  What the really means is that I forgot to post last week's plan, so you get them both today.  Yay!   Well, except for last week Wednesday, because I didn't write it down, and I've completely forgotten what we ate.

th- Black bean and sweet potato chili.  Cornbread.  Cucumber slices.

f- Turkey meatballs in Moroccan spiced tomato sauce.  Salmon hash.  Quick pickled carrots.

s- Italian veggies and ricotta over brown rice.

su- Baked potatoes done up as taco salad.

m- Auntie A organized dinner.  Hamburgers and sweet corn on the grill. Deli potato and broccoli salads.

t- Split pea soup.  Bread.

Wednesday- Homemade pizza.  Marinated bell pepper salad.

Thursday- Eggs Benedict a la Grandma.  Steamed green beans.  

Friday- Roasted chicken.  Roasted potatoes with garlic, feta and lemon.  Sweet corn.  Broccoli salad (the old fashioned kind with bacon and raisins).

Saturday- Asian lettuce wraps.  You can find a million recipes online for these handy things, but they aren't hard to fake.  Basically, chop whatever veggies and meat you have on hand into pea sized pieces.  Then stir fry with harmonious Asian seasonings (Chinese = 5 spice powder, soy sauce, rice vinegar.  Thai = fish sauce, chili sauce, soy sauce.  Japanese = mirin, ginger, dark sesame oil.  Everybody loves garlic, onions, or scallions.  Be creative.)  Wrap your tasty mix in lettuce leaves, the same way you would wrap up a taco in a tortilla.  Eat.  

Sunday- Caponata overnight in the crock pot.  Bread.  Broccoli salad with lemon and garlic.  Caponata is basically the Sicilian version of ratatouille, so eggplant, peppers, and tomatoes stewed up together.   It skips ratatouille's zucchini and adds olives, but essentially it's pretty forgiving technique-wise, as it's stew.

Monday- Fettuccine alfredo with zucchini ribbons.  (Because people make faux-fettuccine out of zucchini, but why stop there?  I'm no on Akins!  I could go for some real pasta, too!)   Lettuce salad.   

Tuesday- Chicken soup with chayote squash & chipotle in adobo.  Mexican rice, refried beans, and tortillas if I have the energy to do them.

Also, I've edited my bread recipe with a few notes.  So feel free to check that out.

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