Friday, January 3, 2014

Suboptimal parenting BINGO

I'll admit to shamelessly stealing this idea from The Ugly Volvo.  But I thought the cards could use a little tweaking.  For starters, there were some important things she missed.  Also, I wanted the boxes to be a little more objective. 

These cards will work great if you have a preschooler.  A baby would probably be fine for most of them.  I'm not so sure about an older kid.  Any feedback on that?  Please note that the more kids you have, the faster you'll "win."

Here's how to play!  Pick a number between 1 and 10, count down to the corresponding card, and keep track of how life is improved by your child(ren)!

If you are an IRL friend of who lives within 10 miles of me, send me a message when you get a BINGO, and I'll reward you with a cheap bottle of wine and some sympathetic company.  If you're not an IRL friend who lives within 10 miles of me, I suggest you concoct a similar arrangement with a few parents in your neck of the woods.  Tell me how it goes.



  1. I guess I'm not eligible for parenting BINGO because a fair number of these are 'normal' things in our house that I don't even bother feeling guilty about them any more. There's nothing wrong in my book with cooking the same thing for dinner three times in one week if everyone in my house likes it; or with wearing the same pair of pants for 36 hours if they're not dirty; or serving cereal for dinner (it's vitamin-fortified!)...and I routinely bribe my kid with (animal cracker style) cookies to get into his carseat. These are normal coping mechanisms, nothing to be ashamed of.

    1. Sure, I'm with you there, but why are you Anonymous then?
      Just a bit of fun, no worries.

    2. I'm not suggesting anyone should feel ashamed or guilty. I don't think fill any of these boxes (or all of these boxes) is an indicator of failure on the part of either parent or child. And many of them are normal experiences in our house, too. I just think most of parents don't set out with any of these boxes as our goals. If I had planned on a family of 5 all sleeping in the same bed, I wouldn't have bought bunk beds for The Gibbon and The Sparrow, for example. That's why it's just "Suboptimal." It's not bad, just maybe not what we would have planned for ourselves in a perfect world.

  2. AND, cake for breakfast, just what the doctor ordered!