Sunday, February 21, 2016

#HolyLens Week 2

Sunday- February 14- Bread

Our family Valentines Day tradition is the Chicago Auto Show.  I packed along dinner, because a soda at McCormic place costs more than I want to spend on a meal for one person.  We ate sitting on the carpet on the floor behind a truck.  Sandwiches with 7 grain bread, honey ham, provolone, swiss cheese, mustard, avocado, and bean sprouts.  Mandarin oranges.  Chips.  Cookies made by my sister-in-law as a valentines day gift for all of us.  I also brought a big water bottle and my color-coded plastic cups.  An hour later, a woman walking past me in another section of the show said, "Hey!  You're the ones who were eating that picnic earlier!"  We were.  It was delicious.

Monday- February 15- Speak

My husband says that during the past few months we've been re-learning how to be married.  So much of 2015 was crisis mode, exhaustion, and just getting by, that now that we have time to breathe again, we've got some serious catching up and reconnecting to do.  We had a wonderful long conversation about some major points of friction in our marriage that resulted in both of us feeling understood and making a commitment to concrete behavior changes.

It feels so good to speak and be heard.  It feels so good to have my love speak to me with love, gentleness, and even correction.  I'm grateful for this season of rest, for the chance to build my marriage back up, and for the man beside me in the mess.

Tuesday- February 16- Pray

Wednesday- February 17- Sign

I had a babysitter this morning, so I went out to run some leisurely errands.  I was at Target buying myself a heart shaped box of discount candy (because I'm worth 50% off!) and another woman rolled up with a kid in her cart.  We chit-chatted, and in the course of things, she mentioned that she's got three daughters.  When I commented that three is a full house, she said her sisters have five and six respectively, and they tease her about having an easy life.  I quipped that after having five, having only three does seem easy, which led into an explanation of my having had foster kids.

She lit up with excitement: her husband started talking a few weeks ago about the possibility of fostering to adopt, and she hasn't been able to stop thinking about it.  She was sure that our meeting as a sign that they should move ahead with learning more.  I encouraged her to sign up for the foster parent training class, because it's great for helping you solidify your intentions, whether you decide you do want to foster or not.  We ended up talking for 45 minutes or so, me sharing some of my experience and insight, and her sharing about her family and her hopes and fears.  It was a beautiful thing.

Thursday- February 18- Help

The refrain for the morning lessons: Behold, God is my helper.  It is the Lord who sustains my life.  Psalm 54:4

L is helping put the veggies on plates to go on the table for lunch.  He's a good helper.

Friday- February 19- Brother

V enjoys "reading" books to L.  She likes to help take care of him.  When he cries, she runs to his side and tries to cheer him up.  She loves to be a big sister, and takes great pride in helping her little brother.

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