Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In which I am pranked by a 5 year-old

I was making lunch the other day, and looking through the fridge, I spotted two full cartons of eggs and one carton with three remaining hard boiled eggs from a previous meal.  I decided to make egg salad and cracked the first egg.  Splat.  Raw.

V looked up from the table where she was sitting eating grapes and laughed: "I pranked you!  I switched one of your hard boiled eggs for a raw egg!"

Ok.  It's funny.  Good joke.  But still, there's the task of finding the swapped egg.  I took both full cartons out of the fridge and started spinning the eggs on the counter.  Did you know that hard boiled eggs spin faster and longer than raw eggs?  Useful tip.

I, however, was having no luck.  All of the eggs seemed to be behaving the same way.  I finally chose one that seemed like maybe it was spinning longer than the others.  Splat.  Nope.

I had the other two eggs in the first carton, though.  Those I knew were hard boiled.  I gave them a spin just to confirm, and cracked the first open.  Splat.

I was confused and possibly a bit irritated, standing in the kitchen with a bowl full of surprisingly raw eggs, looking at the last egg in the carton.  I had been sure those three eggs were hard boiled.  V looked up from the table again: "I actually didn't do anything.  I didn't touch your eggs."

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