Monday, April 2, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

A girlfriend called me on Saturday and told me she assumed things were crazy here, as I have not posted menus in a few weeks.  And my phone subsequently died 2 minutes into the conversation.  Communication fail.  But then my husband bought me a new wireless router Saturday night, so I can get on the laptop again!  It's just so much harder to post a menu from the desktop.  Mostly because it leaves my back to the room, so the littles can destroy things while I type.

Don't I sound cranky?  I'm not really.  Not mostly.  Onward and upward! 

Monday- Risotto cakes topped with fried eggs. Broccoli salad. Fresh bread.
Last week I made the beet risotto from this book.  I LOVE the book, and have lent it to a half a dozen friends.  And the risotto was gorgeous: a beautiful carmine color, flecked through with bright bits of just-cooked greens.  However, I found it somewhat lacking.  The flavor was overly sweet, and a bit one-note for my taste.  Also, the texture ended up less creamy than a typical risotto.  But I used a lot of beets, and made a big batch, so I have lots of not-so-exciting leftover beet risotto.  I shall try to reincarnate it with more Parmesan and heavily salt-and-peppered olive oil fried eggs.  If it's still not delicious, I'll give up. 

Tuesday- Youth group night.  Per student request, we will have split pea soup again.

Wednesday- Stir fried cabbage with Chinese pork roast, served over rice. 

Thursday- Spaghetti and meatballs.  I'll be using the frozen meatballs I made last week.  Maybe a salad, but also possibly not.

Friday- Good Friday.  There's a service, and it's not at our church, so we need something grab-and-go for The Hubby.  Coleslaw and roast pork wraps. 
No, it's totally not the same thing as Wednesday.  Then the cabbage was cooked and the pork had a shiny ginger based glaze on it.  Today the cabbage is raw in a creamy dill flavored sauce and the pork is simply seasoned with wine and herbs.   Ok, I slow cooked one pork roast (white wine, bay leaves, whole peppercorns, salt, garlic, and onions), and this is the third incarnation.  The first was pork tacos with cilantro pesto and red peppers.  International pig!

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