Friday, August 3, 2012

Today I Bought a Bikini

This is totally not a joke post.  I seriously bought a bikini today.  For myself.  To wear.  At the pool. 

I went to the splash park with the littles today.  And getting dressed for the excursion, I put on my one and only swimsuit.  The one I purchased 6 months after the birth of The Munchkin.  It's an old lady suit.  Not going to lie.  A big, ugly, full coverage, with a skirt, tankini. 
Fashion No-No.  Unless you're 80.  Then, by all means.
When I was pregnant the first time, I gained 60 pounds.  And somewhere in my head, I decided that whatever my body was like 6 months after giving birth, it was never going back.  Nobody told me 9 months on, 9 months off, which is what happened.  And, being a North American woman, I have always been insecure about my body anyway.  So shopping for a swimsuit that summer, I bought "coverage." 

Today, putting on all that coverage for a trip to the splash park with my adorable littles, I felt old.  I turned 29 this year, and that's made me feel old to start with.  But dressing up in what essentially amounts to a Lycra burqa, I felt old and frumpy. 
Totally hot.
 So I decided, I'm never going to be younger than I am now, and I'm never going to be thinner than I am now, and I'm never going to be prettier than I am now.  So NOW is the time to wear a bikini.  Ok, 10 years ago is the time to wear a bikini.  But I'm going to make up for lost time.

As per the genius suggestion of Modg and the fabulous ladies at Ain't No Mom Jeans, I'm going to rock my bikini with a white tank top.  It's so I look like the sporty, cool girl at the pool, and also so I don't cook like a lobster.  Or blind people with my white, white skin. Sorry, sorry.  This was supposed to be a "go me!" post, not a "pity my poor self-image" post.  I like my pasty white, post-childbearing, almost 30-year-old body.  Yes I do.  Or at least I'm going to fake it.

Also, The Hubby thinks this is the world's greatest idea.  Listening to 100 versions of the "Guy/Girl Talk"  notwithstanding, he's been cheering for the bikini since we got married.  So I've got that going for me.  Now all I need is the perfect pair of sandals and a breastfeeding friendly maxidress, and I'll be all set for this summer.  Go me.

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