Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Week plan Wednesday

Why hello there!  Did you miss me last week?  I'll tell you why I was absent: Easter!  You see, my husband's side of the family has hit upon the most fantastic way of doing holidays.  One family cooks the main meat(s), one family cooks the mandatory Italian things with red sauce, and one family cooks only side dishes.  I get to be the only side dishes person, and I also host, because that way I don't have to wake the littles up from their naps early to get to someone else's house, and if they get crabby before dessert, I can just put them to bed and come back to join the grown-ups in 20 minutes.  Super, right!  We've done it the last three holidays in a row, and I'm happy to keep it up forever.

But, I dithered so long about side dishes for Easter that I never actually got a menu planned for the week until sometime Saturday night.  And by the time I got on the computer, it was Sunday night.  And then, well, clearly you can see what happened.  But since I love you (and I did not lose the piece of paper I scrawled it on), I will tell you what we ate last week.  So if you're religiously following my menu plans, you won't have to feel bad.  Or something.

(Please do notice that every sentence in the above paragraph begins with a conjunction.  Go public education!)

Wenesday- Chicken and rice casserole.  Frozen peas.  (I actually went out to a friend's place for dinner and had a 5 course meal including fillet, but that's what I cooked for my poor family.  Ha ha.)

Thursday- Beef stroganoff over egg noodles.  Frozen corn (because we had peas last night, and I didn't have a plan until 5 pm).

Friday- Potato curry (amazing!), cucumber yogurt salad (hooray!), fresh bread, rice. 

Saturday- Chicken and cabbage stirfry.  I forgot to make rice and  had none leftover from yesterday.  Whoops.

Sunday-  Easter!  I did homemade rolls, broccoli salad, mashed potatoes, roasted beets, and quick picked carrots.

Monday- Leftover lasagne from Easter.  The rest of the broccoli salad.  Bread.

Tuesday- Pasta with sauteed onions and peppers in an Italian sausage and balsamic vinegar sauce. 


Wednesday-  Egg salad sandwiches and more roasted beets (Spread a little olive oil on them, sprinkle on salt and pepper, put them in your oven at any temperature 350 or above and cook them until whenever.  They start out hard, then they get soft, and finally they turn chewy.  Don't burn them.  You'll be sad.)

Thursday- Split pea and ham soup.  Picked carrots (from Easter).  Raw bell peppers.  Bread.

Friday- Dinner with friends.  Another great plan: they're hosting, so they have to clean, but I'm cooking, so they don't have to cook.  I love division of labor!  Potato salad, baked ham, salad-salad with lettuce and radishes and other vegetableish things like that.

Saturday- Baked penne. Roasted cauliflower (I only bought one head, hopefully there isn't a riot.)

Sunday- Cabbage with feta and dill (maybe it's a quiche?  A crustless quiche?  Or a fritatta?).  And rice, or maybe baked potatoes.  I'm inspired by this recipe, but honestly that's crazy.  So I'm skipping blanching the cabbage, and I'm just adding it into the onions and garlic and giving it a little longer to sautee.  Then I'm completely omitting the crust part of the "pie."  I'm also putting it together Saturday night while I'm already in the kitchen but dinner is baking, so the only thing I have to do Sunday is get it in the oven.  Shortcuts make the world go around!

Monday- Roasted eggplant with middle eastern spices, cucumber yogurt salad, slow roasted and shredded beef, and couscous.  All stuffed into pita bread (which I bought at the store!  Scandal!)

Tuesday- Beef stew with turnips, potatoes, carrots, and the dregs of other wintery things.  More bread.  Prayers for warmer weather.  Bright sun and 30 degrees is just killing me these days.

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