Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week Plan Wednesday

Wednesday- Pasta with broccoli dijon sauce.  This was not great, but we didn't get home from grocery shopping until 6 pm.  *whew*

Thursday- Kale, sausage, and potato soup (here's one recipe, although you can really let your heart be your guide with a title like that).  Bread.  Lettuce and tomato salad.

Friday- Mushroom, spinach and cheese muffins.  Cucumbers and humus. 

HOLY CATS!  I'M TAKING A VACATION!!  No, seriously.  The Hubby and I are going away for something like 48 hours, leaving Friday after work and coming home Sunday around dinner time.  And the littles are staying here with Auntie A.  That's two whole nights off.  We're going up to Door County, WI, so it's too far to come home to solve problems.  I have not spent a night away from the littles literally since The Gibbon was born.  I am terribly excited!  Also a bit apprehensive, if I'm going to be honest here.  But if I think about the apprehensive part, I don't want to go away on a romantic weekend getaway with The Hubby.  And I know this is a completely super idea, so I can't think about not wanting to go. 

Because Auntie A is completely in charge, I have not planned anything for the littles to eat or do while I am gone.  This means the littles will probably eat Doritos and McNuggets and ice cream for every meal after the one I prepare for Friday dinner.  But at this point, I don't care.  As long as everyone lives through the weekend, we'll just do a vacation detox for 4 or 5 days when I get home.  No more fun, no more treats, but at least you don't have to (horrors!) sleep all alone in the bed anymore.

Saturday- Gloriously care free.  Let's go out someplace fancy and linger over dessert.

Sunday- Gloriously off.

Monday-  Opo squash in tomato sauce (a recipe, but ignore the ugly ugly food photography at the top).  Meatballs in cilantro sauce.  Rice.  A fresh vegetable if we've got one kicking around that doesn't require too much prep.

Tuesday- Chicken, green bean, and potato casserole.  Or maybe roasted chicken, baked potatoes, and steamed green beans.  Either way, same basic ingredients.

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