Sunday, March 20, 2016

#HolyLens Week 6

Monday- March 14- Rest

I am enjoying a season of rest.  A season where there are just enough kids to cuddle all of them while reading together.  I know we'll get another placement, and life will disintegrate into chaos again.  And even if we didn't, not every season is as calm and lovely as this one has been.  But, my goodness, I am enjoying this.

Tuesday- March 15- Cry

This morning L and I were looking at the photo album from last spring.  I realized later that I hadn't pulled pictures off of Husband's phone since last September, so I went through his camera roll in the brief lull after dinner.  I can't post pictures of B and G here, but seeing the difference in G between the beginning and the end of her stay here was so touching.  I was in tears looking at the pictures of her laughing with V and Z after Thanksgiving dinner.

Wednesday- March 16- Free

Z slept poorly last night and begged to be allowed to stay home from school today so that he could take a nap.  That child hates naps, so if he's asking for one, you know it's serious business.  I'm so blessed that I don't have to work for a paycheck, so I was free to say Yes.  We relaxed and read books, and Z took more than a 2 hour nap.

Friday- March 18- Call

At the Church Easter egg hunt, there was a plate of "Vegan Deviled Eggs." They looked a bit like deviled eggs, but were obviously Yukon gold potatoes halved and partially scooped out. They were topped with paprika and chives, but the yellowish colored filling was a mystery. 2.5 hours into the 3 hour event, none had been eaten. I tried one and reported to the woman running the kitchen that they were actually filled with humus. She relabeled them "Humus stuffed Potatoes" and in the last 30 minutes, half of them disappeared. The moral of the story is twofold. 1) Nobody thinks "Vegan" sounds delicious. 2) If you call the food what it IS, people are more likely to eat it than if you call it what it ISN'T.

Saturday- March 19- House

Friday night we went to see the circus.  Husband was performing as a juggler, the culmination of three months of practicing both juggling and unicycle.  The big kids had a wonderful time.  L liked the first act, anyway, although he ran out of patience for the second.

Husband had two circus performances today, the last two of the four this week.  His best performance was the matinee show, where he caught all of his juggling tricks in both acts.  For the evening show, a huge crowd of people turned out in support of him.  People from church, the leadership of the Hispanic congregation that meets at our church, his sister and a coworker, and some youth group students, all there to cheer my husband on.  I stayed at the house to take care of our tired kids, who needed to recover from their late night on Friday.

I'm proud of this man's hard work.  I'm really glad he had a wonderful time.  I'm also profoundly grateful for the supportive community around us who came out to watch his thirty seconds in the spotlight.

I made his Imperial Officer costume, by the way, for the Star Wars themed juggling act.  What do you think?

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  1. LOL for the "vegan deviled eggs". I make it a point to have food be what it is rather than what it isn't. If I'm cooking for someone with a dairy allergy (for example), I will make something that is within the normal run of food rather than finding a contrived dairy substitute. The idea of vegan cheese seems rather pointless (again, as an example).