Monday, September 17, 2012

How much of a Hippie are You?

Based on a conversation with a good friend this afternoon, we're going to scientifically* calculate how much of a hippie you are.  Give yourself one point for every beginner behavior, two points for every intermediate behavior, and five point for every advanced behavior in which you regularly engage.  Post your total in comments, and let's see who wins.**

Since it's just me compiling this list, I'm probably missing important things.  I've intentionally left out stereotypical "hippie" indicators that are not useful (for example, tie dye).  Also, as neither "free love" nor drug use is particularly counter-cultural anymore, those don't make my list..  But you tell me, what other hippie behaviors should I add?

*this is totally unscientific, but you knew that already.
**is a high score or a low score the winner?  A bit hard to tell, that one.
EDITED to add a few good suggestions from reader PatienceRose.

Beginner Hippie Behaviors
Composting (give yourself 1extra point if you live in an apartment)
Wearing no or minimal makeup
Not shaving
Baking your own bread
Substituting local honey for sugar
Shopping at thrift stores or garage sales
Installing rain barrels
Using cloth napkins
Breastfeeding (give yourself 1 extra point if you breastfed any given baby past their first birthday and 2 extra points if you nursed past a second birthday)
Line drying clothes
Walking, biking, or using public transit (give yourself 2 extra points if you don't own any motor vehicles)

Intermediate Hippie Behaviors
Participating in Community Supported Agriculture or shopping primerally at farmer's markets
Joining any kind of Co-Op
Buying ethically raised meat
Eating vegetarian or avoiding processed foods
Removing most or all of your lawn
Garbage picking or dumpster diving
Using a menstrual cup or reusable pad
Using cloth diapers
Sleeping in a family bed
Avoiding chemicals on your body (commercial soap, lotion, deodorant, etc.  Give yourself an extra 2 points if you have eliminated these chemicals.)
Avoiding chemicals in your home (commercial cleaning products, dryer sheets, air fresheners, etc. Give yourself an extra 2 points if you have eliminated these chemicals.)
Eliminating your television
Canning or otherwise preserving your own food

Advanced Hippie Behaviors
Living in a commune
Living in a home smaller than 400 square feet (give yourself an extra point if you have children living there with you)
Growing all your own produce
Raising livestock or poultry
Raising bees
Participating in an established token or barter economy (give yourself an extra 5 points if you established it)
Eating vegan, eliminating processed foods, or subscribing to another diet that requires a detailed explanation of what you can and cannot eat (paleo, raw food, etc.)
Planting beneficial plants on property that doesn't belong to you (a.k.a. guerrilla gardening)
Harvesting or recycling your gray water
Using cloth toilet paper
Living "off the grid"
Solar cooking
Eliminating your fridge


  1. I thought I would help you add some before counting up points. Also, you didn't count points for yourself.

    LLL membership (bonus if you become a leader)
    preserving fresh produce for the winter (canning, freezing, etc.)
    nursing a child beyond 1 year (or whatever time frame)
    not using perfume/air fresheners/etc.
    avoiding highly colored food products (or otherwise highly processed)
    shopping at a farmers market
    walking or biking to do local errands

    1. My score is 22, but I'm looking to add some of the advance hippie behaviors in the next 5 years. So hopefully I can up it!

  2. On this list, I score 14 with contemplation of a few more. Looks like you are winning so far.

  3. I got a 9. 11 if you count me not having a lawn because I'm in an apartment.

    Do Bitcoins count as a barter economy? (I don't actually use them yet, but I'd like to.)