Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Week Plan Wednesday

Wednesday- Homemade whole wheat pizza, broccoli florets, & baked acorn squash.  That's another weird menu, sorry.  I felt I needed two veggies, and since the oven was already on...  Sometimes these things happen.

Thursday- Soup au Pistou, which is kind of like chicken soup with roughly chopped pesto mixed in.  It's French.  It's tasty. 

Friday- Penne with tomato, tune, and Lemon.  From a book called New Light Cooking published in 1998 by the Canadian Medical Association!  Thanks, Value Village!

Saturday- Cheese fondue.  Lots of veggies and leftover bread from Tuesday to dip in it.

Sunday- Quiche for the 70's themed lunch after church.
Miso soup with carrots, mushrooms, chicken, and brown rice vermicelli. 

Monday- Spinach and mushroom calzones.

Tuesday- Potato and Cauliflower curry.  Bread, although maybe I'll try for some naan.  Did I tell you a friend of mine found me a cheap-as-free pizza stone?  So happy! 

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  1. Tried to make nan before? If no, they really mean the "it is possible to dry it out" and "cook only a couple at a time and watch closely".