Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Week Plan Wednesday

Wow, we've got a lot of candy.  Just saying.

On a related note, let me tell you about my silly problem.  The Munchkin has been turning up his nose at cooked vegetables for about 3 weeks now.  Before that, he was an eager eater.  I've been reading a blog called It's Not About Nutrition for a while now, so I've got a bunch of techniques for dealing with this sudden selectiveness.  My most important tool has been "taste and describe."  He has to put every item served for a meal in his mouth and chew it (although not swallow), and then he has to give me 3-6 words describing it.  Taste, texture, similarities to other foods, smell, whatever.  Just taste and describe.  He doesn't have to eat anything he doesn't want to eat.

The problem, though, is when the main thing for a meal is a cooked vegetable dish, he has been tasting dinner, and then being "done."  Now, I don't have a problem with him being hungry before the next meal, but I DO have a problem with him whining all afternoon because he elected not to eat any of the beet soup I served for lunch.  Especially when that's happening more days than not.

Ready for my solution?  Cut tomorrow's vegetables today or save extra veggies from the main dish and serve them raw as a side dish.  Seriously!  He still eats raw vegetables, and he goes along with "taste and describe."  Why did I think this was such a big problem?  Still, hopefully he outgrows this weird phase sooner rather than later.

This week I'm cooking out of "The Frugal Gourmet on Our Immigrant Ancestors" by Jeff Smith.  If you spot a copy in your local secondhand store, pick it up.  It's good reading and some lovely recipes.

Wednesday- Hungarian Cabbage Rolls.  Bread.  Sliced cabbage (see above).

Thursday- Grandma is bringing dinner.  It will be a surprise!

Friday- Puerto Rican Rice with Pigeon Peas.  Sauteed green beans and raw green beans (what a great side dish(es)!)

Saturday- Irish Colcannon.  Raw beets (in advance of Monday, so probably I won't prep all of them).

Sunday- Next Phase dinner.  Noodle Pudding.  The Munchkin keeps asking what noodle pudding is, as it features prominently in one of his books.  I have no idea what to serve with this, and as Next Phase is potluck style, that'll be just fine. 

Monday- Lithuanian Cold Beet Soup with Hot Potato Garnish. 

Tuesday- Youth group.  Bread, as that's all they eat anyway.  Cambodian Sweet and Sour Soup.  Sliced peppers.

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