Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012 Homemaking goal- Periodic tasks

Holy cats there are a lot of things I'm supposed to do to keep my house clean!  I referenced Martha Stewart's website, and she says I should wash my baseboards every month.  Wash my baseboards!  Monthly!  That's hilarious.

But seriously now, since I have one day a week scheduled for periodic tasks, I made a list of periodic tasks.  I've arranged them roughly in order of how frequently they should be done.  As in, I know I'm not going to change my sheets every week the way Martha recommends, but I aspire to change them twice a month.  But cleaning out the gutters only needs to be done twice a year, but could be done once a season.  And steam cleaning the carpet can be an annual thing, especially if I'm staying on top of the vacuuming.  So the goal is...

Hopefully more than once a month:
Change sheets
Sweep and mop basement

Once a month-ish:
Run "clean" cycle on washing machine
Clean light switch plates
Wash insides of windows

Probably once a quarter:
Wash blankets and quilts
Clean couches
Clean inside of fridge
Clean inside of freezer
Remove lint from dryer hose
Vacuum refridgerator coils
Wipe baseboards, moldings, and trim
Clean ceiling fans
Clean out gutters

Once a year or so:
Wash windows
Wash Screens
Steam clean carpets
Wash walls
Reseal stone surfaces
Reseal grout
Repaint or touch up painted surfaces

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