Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Planning My Garden

I want to plant at least 2 new edible plants on my property every year until we are entirely self-sufficient or my kids move away from home, whichever comes first.  Perennials are best, as I'm not such a good gardener.  Last year we did three rhubarb plants and three nanking cherries.  One of each died.  I told you, I'm not such a good gardener.

  This year it looks like we're planting a hardy pecan, two dwarf bush apricots, and two saskatoons.  The munchkin also wants a basil plant of his own, and Hubby will probably request tomatoes.  And we're going to try to find a neighbor who wants a pecan so they can cross pollinate.

Are you gardening his year?  What are you planting?

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