Sunday, June 24, 2012

So Satisfying!

Today in church the missionary who was speaking announced a game.  He needed 13 volunteers, people who weren't already holding papers.  But everyone was holding papers.  Except me and the Munchkin, who were out in the hallway where the wiggly Munchkin and yowly Baby wouldn't distract everyone.  A game, however, sounded great.  The Munchkin would hold a sign.  I would hold a sign.  What next?

Actually, it was more like an "exercise" than a "game."  As in, listen to a sentence about what the schedule said, and then listen to a paragraph about what really happened, and then move up or down one place in line depending on whether your assigned character would be more or less happy after that event.  Not a bad premise, but not terribly well exicuted.

And the longer things went on, the less inclined the Munchkin was to stand in his place and hold his sign.  And the longer things went on, the more the Baby fussed and yapped and generally made baby noises of one sort or another.  So I'm looking apologetically at my congregation, because while they are all good people, they don't adore my kids like I do.  Or rather, many of them don't think I reign in my kids quite well enough.  Too many baby noises upset them.  Stomping feet in the balcony prompt unkind comments.  And I've had quite enough criticism this week already.  Thanks!

I'm trying to (quietly! quietly!) corral the Munchkin as he sits and stands and flaps his sign and attempts to wander about and whispers loudly about inconsequential things.  I'm juggling the Baby, so as to maybe calm her down.  Not happy on my back, maybe my front?  Are you crying yourself to sleep?  Please hush!  Please kids!

Finally, the game is over.  I can retreat to the back hallway again.  I'm embarrassed.  I'm not looking forward to the chit chat after church.  And after the service ends, one of the older ladies approaches me.  Oh no, I think, but it becomes immediately clear that this conversation isn't what I was expecting.  She effuses: The Munchkin is charming, and he behaved so well!  The Baby is too cute!  What a beautiful job I did juggling her to try and keep her happy!  I'm a good mom!  My kids are great kids! 

I was flabbergasted.  Dumbfounded.  Struck speechless.  Thank you, dear dear woman.  You made my month!  Sometimes, a little affirmation does the heart good. 

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